Climate Change Australia

Hastings Branch in New South Wales - Campaigning for a Safe Climate and Energy Security for all.

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What You Can Do

These impacts of climate change are guaranteed to get worse if we fail to act and act fast.  The science is clear – we are in a climate emergency.  Most of the serious action is needed at national and state level so you can become an activist for change.  Activism is the rent we must pay for living on Mother Earth.  When the winds of change blow, some build walls, others build windmills.

Governments must cut carbon pollution to net zero before 2032 for a 66% chance of keeping global warming to 2°C (the goal of the 2015 Paris Agreement which our government signed).  Policies needed now include:

  • A transition to 100% renewable energy (this is achievable and affordable).
  • Fossil fuels must stay in the ground – an immediate halt to all new coal mines, gas wells and oil drilling – and a long-term plan to close existing mines and coal power stations.
  • A fair transition plan for workers.  There are thousands of new jobs in clean energy and sustainable growth in the new economy.
  • End fossil fuel subsidies and stop donations from polluting industries.  There is a clear link between donations and the failure to act on climate change.
  • Serious and effective protection for the Great Barrier Reef.

A safe climate is critical to the full enjoyment of human rights, including rights to life, health, food, water, housing and security.  The future of ecosystems and human civilisations depends on actions we take now.  We owe it to future generations, our children and grand-children, to take strong action now, before it is too late, so get active now and get onto your MPs, senators, upper house members and councillors.

(More information about what you can do at a local level will be added soon).