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News August 2016

A Message From Our President:
During some quiet time last Saturday morning, it occurred to me that I’m a climate realist. What does that mean and are we all climate realists? We need some criteria to help us decide. As a safe climate and clean energy group, we already have four official objectives, but I’m talking about criteria we can use as individuals - to guide, motivate and inspire us. Here’s what I came up with.
As climate realists, we:
o Understand the climate science and can see that impacts of a warming world are already happening and will get worse;
o Know what needs to be done, now and in the next decade, to fix the problem; and,
o Resolve to be activists to bring about the changes needed locally and globally.
We are now entering a climate emergency. The choice for the world and for our government is to act now, or face a crisis of survival for the earth and our human species. As individuals, in our communities, we can use our potential for goodness to make a difference. Elsewhere in this newsletter are details of the Climate Emergency campaign and petition. Together, we can be the change we need. Welcome to the world of climate realism
Harry Creamer
CCA-H President
Event: Josh Gilbert, Friday August 19th
Josh Gilbert is a mid-north-coast local who travelled to Paris for the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) last year.  In the past 3 years he has been named in the National Top 50 Young Social Entrepreneurs in the ‘climate change, food security and sustainable energy’ field. Josh is also a National Earth Hour Ambassador. We will have 2 events with Josh on Friday 19th August:
1. Wauchope: starts at 12.30pm for lunch ($10 donation) - Bookings for the Wauchope session are essential: please phone 6586 4465
2. Port Macquarie: starts at 5:30pm at the CWA rooms in Horton St – gold coin donation to cover the cost of the room hire. Please RSVP by return email for the Port Macquarie session.
Membership renewal time:
If you haven’t joined CCA  yet or if you haven't renewed your membership within the past 3 months, now is the time.  The process is easy. Just:  
 - make an EFT & email the membership form back, or 
 - post a cheque with the membership form, or 
 - go into the bank & deposit cash/cheque then either post or email the membership form.
Many thanks for your continued support and engagement with CCA – the only safe climate and energy security group in the Hastings Valley area.
Stand up for Nature campaign - Land clearing = climate change:
Land clearing and tree removal has a double impact on carbon pollution in NSW. Trees absorb massive amounts of C0and store it as wood. When they are cut down, they stop performing that vital capture-and-storage function. Clearing also releases huge volumes of carbon pollution when dead trees rot or are burned. A return to broad-scale land clearing in NSW will reverse the contribution Australia has made towards keeping our climate safe.   So the next 2 weeks are crucial because the Baird Government is expected to make key internal decisions at the end of August regarding its draft NSW biodiversity and land clearing changes. There is a lot at stake: if these draft changes become law, we can expect a return to broadscale land clearing in NSW. It is therefore crucial that we use the next 2 weeks to maximise pressure on the key NSW Parliamentarians who are in a position to influence the Government’s decision.
Please visit your local state MP (Leslie Williams in Port Macquarie; or Melinda Pavey in Oxley) in the next 2 weeks or phone them if you cannot make it in person, in order to voice your concerns.
ACF Campaign - ask the new Environment Minister to lead on clean energy:
Australia’s new Minister for Energy and the Environment, Josh Frydenberg, has called a critical meeting of all state and national energy ministers this week to decide the first national priorities for fixing up Australia’s energy system.  This will be a key decision moment for the new minister about whether Australia supports new renewable energy and a brighter future for communities and nature – or whether we stick to the outdated and polluting fuels of the past, like coal and gas.
The big polluting companies are already working behind the scenes to protect their interests.
Join the ACF campaign & write a message to Josh Frydenberg before August 19, calling for bold leadership:
When you take a minute to write it in your own words, your unique message can’t be dismissed or filtered out. We know from recent experience that this has a bigger impact. 
Petition - Climate Emergency campaign:
Breakthrough in Melbourne is running a Climate Emergency campaign with a petition to sign on to. They are aiming for 100,000 signatures and you can add yours here:
You can see the campaign website at
Also, please spread the word by asking your friends to sign.
Climate Council Frontline report:
Last week the Climate Council released its latest report 'On the Frontline: Climate Change & Rural Communities'. Not surprisingly the key findings were:
1. Rural and regional communities are disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change. 
2. The systemic disadvantages experienced by rural and regional communities over those in urban areas are likely to worsen if climate change continues unabated.
3. Rural and regional communities are already adapting to the impacts of climate change but there are limits and costs.
4. While rural and regional communities are on the frontline of climate change impacts, tackling climate change also provides these communities with many opportunities.
Electric Vehicles Report:
The Zero Carbon Australia Electric Vehicles report was released last week.  The report analyses the costs of a transition to 100% electric vehicles in Australia, powered by 100% renewable energy, over a ten year period.
The Lost Plot Spring Fair:
Saturday 3rd September, 1 - 4pm.  Central Rd Port Macquarie.
Come along for market stalls, gardening workshops, kids play area, music & food.  See for directions/map.
Free Download - The Winning of the Carbon War by Jeremy Leggett:
Jeremy Leggett is a writer, social entrepreneur, founder of Solarcentury and SolarAid, Chair of Carbon Tracker, climate-and-energy activist, historian, futurist, and investor.  He believes that humanity is in a race, a kind of civil war.  In “The Winning of The Carbon War” he documents the political battles being fought on the front lines of climate and clean energy policy.
This unique, first hand diary covering events from 2013 to the present day, reveals how the tide is turning against “big energy” and how humanity might just win The Carbon War. You can download it from here:
The Nature Conservation Council of NSW Annual Conference:
Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd October at the University of Sydney. 
The first day of the Conference will form part of the National Environment Meeting, co-hosted with Greenpeace, and in partnership with the Sydney University Environment Institute. Since 2014, the National Environment Meeting has been held annually, bringing people together from across our movement.  Saturday will include a program of forums, keynote speakers, workshops, and opportunities to build new connections. Click here to register your details before October 15th, 2016: