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News November 2016

A Message From Our President:
There are some months between newsletters when events move so quickly I can barely keep up.  This has been one of them.  As always there is a mix of good and bad news, but I’ll stick to the good – I’m feeling optimistic!
Good news:  the Paris agreement has come into force in record time for a global deal.  What it means for all developed nations to meet our commitments with a 66% chance of staying below +2°C of global warming is that Australia now must cut 40% by 2018, 70% by 2024 and 90% by 2030, to achieve net zero emissions by 2032.  Not much chance, but that is what the science is telling us and that is what we must campaign for.
Good news: to help us get there the Hazelwood brown coal power station is to close next March, removing 3% of emissions from the national inventory.  The owners made it clear that no government policy influenced their decision; maybe because there is no policy to retire old polluting coal power stations.  An inspiring short video from AYCC shows what can now be achieved:


Good news: the NSW government has announced a climate and energy policy which looks like a big improvement on what it had before.  It sets two objectives: achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and making NSW more resilient.  If you would like to have a closer look, click on this link: NSW Climate Change Policy Framework
Good news: CSIRO and the BoM have released their fourth biennial State of the Climate Report.  Why good news when there’s a lot of bad news I hear you ask!  I think that clear and informative climate science is worthwhile because it keeps us in touch with a reality we cannot walk away from and armed with that, we can act.  Watch the State of the Climate 2016 summary video
If you’ve heard about Energy Forever, but haven’t yet sponsored a panel (or even a part-panel), please do.  This is a local initiative ‘walking the talk’ on  think global, act local:
Finally, I’ve finished reading Laudato Si’, the Pope’s encyclical on ecology and climate.  I heard back in May 2015 it would be a powerful document, and it is.  The fact is that many of the words he uses could be used by any one of us in the movement.  At nearly 200 pages it’s a long read but the good news is that I’ve written a short summary as a 4-page PDF which I’m happy to share.  Let me know if you’d like me to email it to you, and/or you can see more at:’
Harry Creamer
President, CCA-Hastings
Want to help in a practical way?
We are looking for volunteers to help organise 3 Public Forum meetings in 2017. This need has arisen from members prioritising ‘holding public forums’ from the list of ideas generated at our strategic planning session a couple of months ago.  Would you like to help?  Maybe you’re a ‘doer’; maybe you’re a ‘creative’; maybe you’re an ‘organiser’; or maybe you’re simply happy to help in any way you can…   If you’re interested in being involved and feel you can spare some of your time, please contact our Events Co-ordinator, Galina, on 0422 751 021.  Thanks!
­­­­­­­­­­­Friday 9 December is our end-of-year party!
Join us to celebrate another active year for the CCA-Hastings group.  Come along and meet other members & mingle with like-minded people.
When: FRIDAY 9th December, from 6.30pm 
Where: Rotary Community Centre, 198 Hastings River Dr (where we had the Earth Hour dinner)
Cost: $15pp (includes food, a welcome glass of wine on arrival, and entertainment… )
BYO drinks
Bring your family and friends – all welcome!
Payment in advance preferred so we can confirm catering, by Tuesday 6th December please..
RSVP: PLEASE BOOK AND BUY YOUR TICKETS ASAP: Contact Galina – ph 0422 751 021 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -  by Tuesday 6th December at the latest.
North Coast Energy Forum 2016
Friday 25 November 2016, 9am-5pm, Coffs Harbour Showground, 123 Pacific Hwy
This event brings decision-makers from government, business and the community to work on a sustainable energy system for our region.  The theme is ‘the local energy revolution: Solar plus batteries plus us’.  Key questions are: How can we play an active part in this shift?  What are the opportunities for my local community, business or organisation?  There will also be a battery expo with products from the main makers and local suppliers.  For more information see: Or contact Susanna Carpi on 0401 956710 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
___________________________________________________________________________ campaign on global climate action
The new math on climate change shows that every new fossil fuel project (every coal mine, every gas well, every oil pipeline) violates the goals laid out in Paris.  That's why we're calling for a halt on new fossil fuel development ahead of the next UN climate meeting in Morocco.  The meeting starts next week.  Can you ask your friends to join the call by sharing this on your social networks? We want to have as many people join us before the meeting so that we make the strongest impression possible on world leaders.
Lock the Gate campaign to close Shenua coal mine
For years, the farming community of the Liverpool Plains has been battling to stop the Watermark open cut coal mine.  Last week an important milestone passed, giving the NSW government the opportunity to cancel the exploration licence.  Join this urgent petition now to Resources Minister Anthony Roberts calling on him to do the right thing, cancel the licence and protect the Liverpool Plains from the threat of coal mining:
Years of Living Dangerously is back! 
The new season’s line-up includes Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sigourney Weaver.  Presenters travel around the world to get a first-hand look at how climate change is affecting everything from the food we eat to the survival of other species.  They also find the most promising and inspiring solutions to the biggest challenge of our time.  See:
James Hansen: why I must speak out on climate change - Ted Talk
Great Gift ideas
Solar Citizens is selling Little Sun portable solar lamps, perfect for camping, festivals, cycling, or simply as a fun light source around the home.  When you buy a Little Sun, you make one available to an off-grid community at a locally affordable price.  Buy a Little Sun here: 

If you’re into carbon budgets, read Bill McKibben’s latest, Recalculating the climate math:
The Climate council has a new report on the Paris process:
There is also a collage of graphics featuring ‘good news’ and ‘bad news’ from 2015-16:
ABC RN - Climate of Emotion
Finding hope and taking positive action can be a challenging thing to do, when it comes to climate change.  This two-part series looks at how climate and environmental scientists, studying everything from the Great Barrier Reef to the impact of heatwaves, manage the burden of knowledge.  How do they emotionally experience the science around global warming?
The Climatarian Diet
The organisation Less Meat = Less Heat has launched an app called the “Climatarian Challenge app” which calculates the carbon footprint of what you eat. It was designed to challenge us to eat in a carbon-conscious way.  Read more & watch a YouTube video here: