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News July 2017

Luke Hartsuyker no-show:

On 28th June, a small group of hardy CCA members responded to CCA’s call to stage a flash action with very little notice on a very  cold & wet day. The action was aimed at Cowper MP Luke Hartsuyker, who was due to be in Port Macquarie.   This is not the first action we have taken with the MP and we will continue to consider peaceful protests against what his government is doing to destroy our environment. Unfortunately, Mr Hartsuyker got wind of our action on the 28th and didn’t show.  But here’s a photo of those who answered our call:

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News June 2017

Harry's musings:
Our Stop Adani campaign saw us taking to the streets not as protesters but as protectors - of values and ideals like the Great Barrier Reef, the rights of farmers and Indigenous Australians, the need for a transition to a clean energy economy, and to protect existing jobs that will be lost if this mine goes ahead.
As the Breakthrough Alliance says, the world faces a national climate emergency. which calls for bi-partisan action.  But what do we get?  We get the Finkel Review which puts politics ahead of action.  Now we know why the government never committed to a legislated RET beyond 2020 - because they now want a so-called ‘clean energy target’ for any power supply that has lower emissions, not NO emissions which is actually what is needed: no more new emissions and start reducing existing emissions.
In early 2016, after the hottest months since global records began, Australia's chief scientist, Alan Finkel, warned that we are losing the battle against climate change.  Yet given the chance to fix this, he has failed (see further articles, below.)  What we now have is the unedifying spectacle of Federal coalition members tying themselves in knots trying to find a way, any way, of building a new coal-fired power station.
In 2010 Malcolm Turnbull launched a plan for 100% renewable stationary energy and in his speech he said, ‘We can move, as we must move if we are to effectively combat climate change, to a situation where all, or almost all of our energy, comes from zero or very near zero emission sources’.
Let’s hope he can salvage something from the on-going mess that is Australia’s climate and energy policy.
Harry Creamer
President, CCA

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News May 2017

A Message from our President:

CCA Hastings recently produced a flyer to attract new members and it’s worth re-stating the information that appears on the reverse side to remind us why we exist.
We are facing a climate emergency which threatens the future of human civilisation.  The critical time to act is now.  A society-wide mobilisation is required on a scale and speed of the Second World War.  We did it then and we can do it now.  A rapid transition away from coal, oil and gas to 100% renewable energy is needed…
We know from the science that four fifths of all known fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground to stand any chance of keeping the climate safe.  We also know that the impacts of global warming are already being felt – not least along the Great Barrier Reef.
These two reasons alone make the Stop Adani campaign the most important yet in the battle for climate action.  In April, we launched Stop Adani Mid North Coast, attended by 120 people and last week-end we had Stop Adani concert attended by 75 people.
This campaign symbolises all the key elements in the struggle for a safe climate – curtailing emissions, more clean energy, new jobs in a low-carbon economy, protecting our natural home, indigenous rights, corporate responsibility, and governments that understand what is needed to ensure humans can continue to live on this planet.
There are many battles and skirmishes going on to Stop Adani and our next one is on Friday 26 May at 10 am at the Commonwealth Bank, Horton Street, Port Macquarie.  Join us to tell CBA to match Westpac’s new climate policy of no lending to new coal mines.
Harry Creamer
President, CCA - Hastings

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