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News August 2016

A Message From Our President:
During some quiet time last Saturday morning, it occurred to me that I’m a climate realist. What does that mean and are we all climate realists? We need some criteria to help us decide. As a safe climate and clean energy group, we already have four official objectives, but I’m talking about criteria we can use as individuals - to guide, motivate and inspire us. Here’s what I came up with.
As climate realists, we:
o Understand the climate science and can see that impacts of a warming world are already happening and will get worse;
o Know what needs to be done, now and in the next decade, to fix the problem; and,
o Resolve to be activists to bring about the changes needed locally and globally.
We are now entering a climate emergency. The choice for the world and for our government is to act now, or face a crisis of survival for the earth and our human species. As individuals, in our communities, we can use our potential for goodness to make a difference. Elsewhere in this newsletter are details of the Climate Emergency campaign and petition. Together, we can be the change we need. Welcome to the world of climate realism
Harry Creamer
CCA-H President

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News July 2016

A Message From Our President:
The recent election was the most successful our group has participated in (and we’ve been part of the election scene on the mid north coast since 2007!) Here’s what we got up to: doorknocking, letter-boxing, two ‘Pollution-Free-Politics’ rallies (in Port and Coffs), an action at the National MP’s office on Gordon Street, attendance at three forums, media stories, and a new website and video – see  
The politics of tackling climate change is as complex as it is urgent. As the new government considers our nation’s future, the most urgent task is a complete overhaul of climate and energy polices. Not only would better policies be good for saving life on the planet and securing a safe climate for us to live under, they would create new jobs in clean energy, modernise the economy, help fix the budget deficit and be very popular with voters - 76% of swinging voters are either ‘fairly’ or ‘very’ concerned about climate change.  Seems like a ‘no brainer’, but will they do it? We must remain active - activism is the rent we must pay for living on Mother Earth.
Harry Creamer
CCA-H President

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