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News February 2018

CCA Networking evening
You are all invited to our first networking evening for 2018:  Wednesday 21st February
Time: 5:30pm arrival
Venue: CWA tearooms, Horton St, Port Macquarie
Speaker: Dave Smith
Title: The Science of Global Warming and Climate Change.  Dave will discuss the basic levers that control the earth's temperature and make it unstable, and how and why small changes in temperature cause large changes in climates around the planet - changes that are not conducive to our present civilisation.
Who:  Everyone is welcome - feel free to bring family & friends
Gold coin donation at the door, please, to cover the cost of hiring the room.  Thanks.
Petition: No More Bad Investments:
The No More Bad Investments (NMBI) petition asks the NSW state government to ban all NEW climate-damaging projects, effective immediately in economic streams where climate-safe alternatives are already available, and to set strategies and timelines for future bans in other cases. Stopping new climate-damaging projects before they start is by far the easiest step in taking climate action, and has simple common-sense appeal - when you're in hole, stop digging!

What you personally can do right now:
- sign the NSW No More Bad Investments petition:
petition URL
- share this NSW NMBI Facebook post
- retweet this Twitter post

If you would like to do even more, please see the NSW NMBI Action Kit.  
I travelled 11 hours with my two-year-old to tell our leaders: stop Adani

Marnie Cotton is a member of the Coffs Coast Climate Action Group.  Having children made her realise the urgency of climate change action. Read her story here: 
New NEG report
Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) commissioned an expert critique of the proposed National Energy Guarantee (NEG) by economist, Bruce Mountain (Carbon+Energy Markets). His report (released this month) outlines fundamental flaws in the NEG design—and points to negative impacts to the NEM, power system security, market competition, allocation of risk, and renewables investment. 
See attachment for the full report.
Australia's solar power boom could almost double capacity in a year 
Solar farm approvals and record rooftop installations expected to ‘turbo-boost’ production
Why aerosols are a deadly climate change threat
We already have planet-cooling technology in aerosols – the problem is, they're killing us; read more about the enormous threat to climate change.   

CSIRO virtual power station trial cuts household power costs by 60%
Households taking part in a CSIRO designed Virtual Power Station trial have used solar, battery storage, energy monitoring to save up to 60% on electricity bills. 

For electric cars, we just need someone to turn on the lights
by Alan Finkel 

Instead of the problems with electric cars, look at the potential – low emissions, lifestyle, convenience and price. Experience them and we won't regret it.

Dispatchable wind and solar: They’ll be the death of coal and gas
by Giles Parkinson

It’s been a year since the last South Australia blackout and when the Coalition brandished a lump of coal in parliament. And the progress since then has been remarkable – on the cost front, on storage, and the emergence of dispatchable renewables.

Solar 'tsunami' coming in Australia as NSW accelerates approvals

Solar energy approvals are accelerating and this year will likely see total capacity surge at an unprecedented rate in NSW and the country as a whole.

Adani coal plans take another hit, as Aurizon withdraws loan request
Aurizon withdraws application for NAIF funding to build Gallilee rail line, in fresh vote of no confidence in the Adani-led mega coal project.
Shutting down the Adani port

Last month, protesters locked themselves to the Abbot Point coal terminal, shutting down its operation. One of the group explains the action.