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News October 2016

A Message From Our President:
In late September, debate about climate and clean energy was dominated by the South Australia storm and power crisis.  I sent letters to editors and wrote a fact sheet for a meeting with Luke Hartsuyker MP which I attended with members of the Coffs Coast Climate Action, our sister group in Cowper.  Main points are:
Wild weather was to blame.  Dramatic pictures of power lines downed by the storm are ‘exhibit A’ (see below.)  I keep a list of extreme weather events across the globe and as someone said when I read from it at the AGM, it really puts things into perspective about what is happening.
Renewable Energy Targets.  The PM and ministers said that some states’ RETs are unrealistic and called for national standards.  The reason some states have ambitious RETs is they understand that to tackle dangerous climate change we must cut carbon emissions and transition to clean energy.  The Coalition has no RET beyond 2020, and fiercely resists any talk of this because it would mean an increase in the target, something they fought for two years to reduce.  The problem is that the current 23% RET is not nearly enough on its own to meet the emissions reduction target of 26-28% by 2030.
Carbon budgets.  The Paris climate agreement means we have committed to limiting global warming to +2°C, yet most politicians and other leaders are acting as if nothing has changed, as if business-as-usual is still OK. It’s not OK - climate science says that for a 66% chance of staying below +2°C, all developed nations must cut their carbon emissions by 40% by 2018, 70% by 2024, and, 90% by 2030.
Solutions.  A dramatic increase in clean energy is essential, plus regulations to close coal power stations, halt all new coal mines, phase out old road vehicles, more public transport, up-grade energy efficiency, etc.  A complete overhaul of all federal climate and renewable energy policies is urgently needed.  CCA-H will be making a submission to the 2017 review when this process begins
Harry Creamer
CCA-H President
Membership renewal:
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Many thanks for your continued support and engagement with CCA – the only climate action group in the Port Macquarie-Hastings area.
2016 AGM:
We held our AGM last week.  The minutes are available to all members so if you'd like a copy please return email us & we'll send them to you.  
A new committee was elected; see details of the committee in the side bar to the right
Your Committee, L to R: Drusi, Harry, Kerri-ann, Stuart, Galina, Tom, Lauren, Mick. 
Absent from the photo: Frank & Angela.
Climate & Health:
Nobel Laureate Professor Peter Doherty says the Paris Agreement obliges the federal government to get involved with climate change mitigation, as world health agencies name climate change the greatest threat to global health of the 21st century.  Read more in this article by CAHA Director Fiona Armstrong & Professor Doherty at the Conversation:
Then email your MP in support of a National Strategy on Climate, Health & Wellbeing.  Click here to send an email to your local MP & Senator:
Engie, the French owner of this power station, may decide soon to close it down.  If you're keen to keep the pressure on:
- Tweet at @ENGIEgroup - say you want a clear decision to close the power station and rehabilitate the site.
- Tag Engie on Facebook (
- Send a letter to the editor of SMH or The Age saying it’s time for governments to ensure orderly closure of power stations while looking after communities and workers - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or lThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Climate Council has a new report on renewable energy:
Their website contains lots of useful information, news, reports:
Look out for the timeline of Earth's average temperatures in cartoon format:
Fossil fuels subsidised $10m a minute.  This short video and article will amaze you and help clarify the facts:
This is an excellent response to Malcolm Roberts and includes an explanation of how global warming works:
Australian renewables projects:
Read about some Australian renewables projects that might have slipped under your radar:
Electric vehicles industry growing about 10 x faster than the traditional market:
Despite low oil prices, plug-in electric vehicles (EV) are charging forward worldwide, with more than 2 million expected to be on the roads by the end of 2016, according to recent market figures. Around 312,000 plug-in electric cars were sold during the first half of 2016, according to analysts;  a nearly 50 percent increase over the first half of 2015.  Read more at RenewEconomy:
What do animal agriculture and food waste have to do with climate change?
In Australia, emissions from agriculture contribute around 13% of the total national greenhouse gas emissions each year, which is Australia’s fourth highest source of emissions (after electricity, stationary energy and transport). Notably of these sectors, agriculture is the only sector to have decreased emissions in recent years.  Read more at the Climate Council:
Our Great Barrier Reef in January 2016, the largest mass bleaching event on record.